10 Best Things to Do in Bali when it rains

Bali is sunny at the time of the dry season. Though, occasional rains are usual at any time. Even when the skies turn black and the roads are wet from heavy rains, Bali still provides a number of activity options. 

Spa Treatments

Spa treatments in Bali are the main reason for travelers to visit the island. You can enjoy the relaxing spa treatment at various spas around Bali, which provide refreshing treatments. The expert hands of the Spa therapists who offer the variety of spas. 


Shopping in Bali is another most interesting activity to do in rain. Roam around a number of shopping complexes present at the main region. These shopping sites also offer you many items, from gifts and antiques and accessories and a lot more.

Sea Walks

What will be better than just going underwater to wet? There are many options for half and dry. Sea walks also support non-divers to enjoy the underwater charms to watch. Submarine travel is for those who wish to remain dry during the tour.

Museum Tours

If you are interested to know about the Bali's rich past and to see the huge sets of artworks then visit it’s Museums that offers you a glance, even when streets are wet. A number of museums and galleries are present around the Island. Some of these are – the Agung Rai Museum of Art.


Bali is also popular as a destination of natural fitness, with yoga offering classes featuring instructors who are invited across the world to teach different forms of yoga. Combine the practice with organic meals and you’ll have a healthy vacation.

Cooking Classes

Learn to cook the Bali food. You will know how to make Bali dishes, for example sate lilt and customary Balinese salads and mixes it with the sayur urap. Begin your journey with a traditional morning market to shop the raw materials.  

Jewellery Courses

It is a home of many art forms and crafts that reflects years old heritage. Silver crafts and jewelries are important heritages of Bali and you can get a chance to know the crafts and workshops in the main villages of Celuk. 

Theater Shows

Bali also offers a great evening in the midst of theatrical lighting and sound systems, as well as a group of the talented dancers in its theater. The shows are inspired by myths. 

Art & Craft Workshops

Bali provides a number of appealing small period courses and workshops. Among the famous activities contain Popular Batik II's batik classes and Jenggala Ceramic in Jimbaran, which provides pottery and earthenware painting courses; it is not restricted by age. 


There are three major water parks which feature many water rides as well as relaxing swimming pools also gives you a new level of excitement. Waterbom Bali is situated in the centre of Kuta.

Bali honeymoon packages from Delhi are the best way to discover all the attractions without getting worry for taking transport or visiting card. It arranges all for you. Just go and enjoy your holiday. 


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