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Kashmir, the paradise fit enough for a honeymoon

Kashmir, blessed with great natural beauty and splendor is a Promised Land for couples and honeymooners from all over the world. It is a destination worth a lifetime, which offers the best backdrop for a romantic getaway. So, if you are looking out for something more than just a destination, then visit Kashmir and you won’t be able to escape its charm. Encircled by thick vegetation, deep-down valley, flourishing meadows, pristine lakes, ancient temples, and a great beauty everywhere, the landscape is a paradigm of a honeymoon destination for couples.
The fresh air, lively cultures, great food, serene environs, and colorful Shikaras are a perfect reason to visit this wonderful destination and start your married life. Let’s check-out some great places to visit during your escape to this lovely destination:
Srinagar:Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir is blessed with great natural beauty. Couples can here bask a great time enjoying a Shikara ride, house boat stay, or pay a…

Why Goa is a great idea for your honeymoon?

Goa is the beach capital of India. This land is blessed with myriad wonderful beaches with vast coastlines, lush vegetation, and crystal clear waters. Apart from their natural beauty, the beaches of Goa are also home to some famous restaurants, food shafts, flea markets, and appreciated for their thrilling adventure activities. So, if you are in Goa, then make sure to visit its most captivating feature, the beaches of Goa, where a whole new world awaits you. And, if you still doubt what all you can expect during your visit to these splendid coastlines, then have a look at some great things to enjoy as listed below:
Walk under the moon-lit sky

Take your partner out for a lovely walk under the moon lit sky after dinner. As the dusk moves forwards making way for the moon to showers its gentle lightening, the whole world is painted in silver, making things livelier. As you get outside your hotel and walks out holdings hands you will realize what heavenly beauty is Goa blessed with. Take a s…

Famous Attractions you should visit during Manali Honeymoon

Manali, located in the Kullu District (H.P.), is really an Eden for loving couples. It is an important hill station at an elevation of 1950 m in the Beas River valley of the Himalayan foot hills.Its breathtaking natural charm, revealing heritage of culture & exciting outdoor entertainment, retains honeymoon couples pouring in from a much distance. Manali honeymoon packages are highly demanded by newly-wed couples and honeymooners. In Manali, there’re many attractive sites where loving birds chirp with each other & enjoy some memorable time in lap of nature. The description of sightseeing attractions is given below: Rohtang Pass: This pass is located in the Kullu Valley at an altitude of 3979 m above sea level. The valley, a soothing site to remember, is also popularly called as the ‘Valley of Gods’. This icy pass is the most captivating corner in this valley. It has the panorama of mountains, captivating landscapes all around & hitting sites of glaciers. This lofty mountain…


Honeymoon is a leisure time passed romantically together by a newly married couple to make it memorable for the life long. There are many places in India for a honeymoon but Kerala is best of them. Blessed with great natural beauty, it is a heavenly destination for couples. It is popularly called God's Own Country.The people having enjoyed honeymoon and visited here praise the charm and beauty of this place very much. It pleases the heart of honeymoon makers, visitors, tourists, etc. Here newly-wed couples can enjoy some privacy, get intimate and cuddle each other. Nature walks holding each other’s hand sharing the romantic talk of life and the magnetizing backwater of this place can add up some zing to the romantic getaway. On Kerala tours for a honeymoon celebration, there are many romantic activities to be taken enjoyment and shared being together. The destinations of Kerala are most praised for their lovely aura, and amazing opportunities.  Some of them are given as under:

Exclusive Inclusions of a Honeymoon Package

Have you booked your honeymoon package? Are you packing up for your honeymoon? But, do you really know that you have booked the right package for you or not? The article offers you an insight into the inclusions that are a part of the honeymoon package. So, let’s have a look at some of the inclusions that are a must for an all inclusive honeymoon package.

Accommodation is surely one of the most integral parts of every vacation package and everyone is well aware that a package does bear the cost of accommodation for the travelers. But, when it’s about a honeymoon package, accommodation also has to be special. A honeymoon package comprises accommodation with rose laden beds, and a romantic ambiance that can add some romance to their stay. In addition to this, there are also services like morning tea & breakfast, and round the clock room services. These services make sure that couples can always be inside their comfort zone.

Another vital inclusion in the itinerary f…