Exclusive Inclusions of a Honeymoon Package

Have you booked your honeymoon package? Are you packing up for your honeymoon? But, do you really know that you have booked the right package for you or not? The article offers you an insight into the inclusions that are a part of the honeymoon package. So, let’s have a look at some of the inclusions that are a must for an all inclusive honeymoon package.


Accommodation is surely one of the most integral parts of every vacation package and everyone is well aware that a package does bear the cost of accommodation for the travelers. But, when it’s about a honeymoon package, accommodation also has to be special. A honeymoon package comprises accommodation with rose laden beds, and a romantic ambiance that can add some romance to their stay. In addition to this, there are also services like morning tea & breakfast, and round the clock room services. These services make sure that couples can always be inside their comfort zone.


Another vital inclusion in the itinerary for couples is the meals. Since the hotels and resorts have some great cuisines on the menu that will flatter your taste buds. Couples, and newly-weds can treat themselves to some great delicacies and specialties at the gourmet-style restaurants. And, don’t think it would be a just a breakfast or dinner for you and your partner at the restaurant. A honeymoon package for couples comprises candle light dinner, at least once during the tour to make your honeymoon a lovely experience.

Entertainment & Activities

In addition to accommodation and food, the honeymoon packages also include some fun-filled activities that can be enjoyed by couples. But, it all depends on the location that you are flying to. While Singapore is best known for its cabaret shows, a couple spa sessions in Thailand, India has a great historical walk down the lane, or you can also go for in-door skiing at Dubai. So, it’s not that you only have to be inside your hotel room, you are on a vacation, just the two of you, so enjoy it to the fullest with the love of your life.

So, if you have read out your itinerary, then make sure it includes these aforementioned things. Book affordable honeymoon packages at www.honeymoonbug.com.


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