Andaman & Nicobar Places to Check-out on Your Romantic Tour

Andaman & Nicobar Islands is an ideal place for a romantic vacation with your better half. The serene and quaint island destination comprises 572 islands, out of which 34 are properly inhabited. The beautiful destination is an ideal spot for honeymooners looking out for something that can offer them being on cloud nine. Such is the aura here that you will fall in love with each other over and over again. 

While the sparsely-inhabited beaches that lead to the ocean brimful with exotic marine life & coral gardens are one of the magnificent reasons to explore this habitat, the historic monuments provide an insight into the past of the island with mysterious & diverse cultural past. With Andamanand Nicobar honeymoon package, you can check-out some of the most colossal & placid attractions of Andaman & Nicobar Islands: 

Cellular Jail 

The Cellular Jail is a place of historic importance in Andaman. This had been the place where convicts charged by the British regime were kept behind bars. As a result, the Cellular Jail is a vital point of attraction for travelers here. Here you can witness the conditions & atrocities faced by the prisoners during their prison time.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is a famous spot for vacationers named after the mahatma Gandhi a prominent world leader. The famous national park situated at Wandoor comprising 15 islands is highly visited for its open sea & creeks. The beauty and dense forest cover accompanied with rare wildlife and corals make it more interesting for its visitors. Another enticing reason for a visit to this national park is the scope for adventures opportunities like scuba diving and snorkeling. 

Anthropological Museum

The Anthropological Museum houses a great collection that offers an insight into the ethnicity of Andaman. You can here come across various utensils, artifacts, sculptures, clothes, and various other specimen that takes one down the historic lane of Andaman & Nicobar.

Indira Point

The Indira point is a famous place known for its sky touching lighthouse. The point also has a beach located nearby where you can enjoy some time out with your partner. The famous spot was named after the then prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.  


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